GlobalCallCorp GlobalCallCorp

Wholesale VoIP Termination

  • Prepaid Wholesale Voice Termination
  • Wholesale VoIP Termination with 2 Service Levels.
  • Reliable Account Managers
  • Hi-tech equipment, state of the art technology

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  • Premium Voice Quality
  • Wholesale pricing
  • Minimal deposit to start.
  • Instant Call details
  • Guaranteed CLI delivery
  • Billing Increment 1/1
  • 24/7 Technical Support

The Systems by GLOBAL CALL CORP are modular, scalable and flexible. They give customers the opportunity to customize VoIP solutions for their specific needs.
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  • Global Call Corp is a well-known international VoIP carrier in the carrier community. Our telecom business includes wholesale and retail premium/standard VoIP A-Z termination services that targets transit carriers and corporate subscribers.
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  • Our average success rate is over 70%. With over 200+ interconnects worldwide we offer high-quality wholesale and retail voice services to customers all over the world, placing us in a position to offer lowest prices for the highest quality routing.
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  • We manage our Network 24/7 to ensure high completion rates. Our whole network is built on using carrier grade equipment, switching and hardware from vendors like Quintum and Cisco.

    Our network was built not only to offer unparalleled quality, but also speed, flexibility and intelligence.
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